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Seasonal Workers Visa Scheme


No worker will pay a fee to us for finding them seasonal work in the UK.

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How can we help you?

TELPASC provides opportunities in various sectors, with expert training from industry-leading professionals. Even if you haven’t done similar work before, there’s no need to worry! We offer friendly and experienced support for everything from visa applications to welfare assistance. Accommodation is available across some of our sites, and transport is provided right to the door. Our quality of training and support sets us apart.

TELPASC will never charge for finding work.

If anyone asks you for money for work, report it to us at

We take pride in providing opportunities around the UK.

NEVER pay a recruitment fee in order to participate in the SWS programme. If someone approaches you and demands payment, they are not genuine and do not work for or represent TELPASC. You should only pay for your visa (£259), processing fees with the visa processing centre (if appropriate) and your travel ticket.

It’s crucial that you understand the following:

  • Each year, we only issue a certain number of Certificates of Sponsorship
  • Please contact us if you are from North Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia Montenegro, Romania, Bulgaria, Krygystan, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, Chile
  • Please get in touch with the team who handled your recruitment directly if you have any questions regarding your current application


Prioritising the well-being of our workers, we offer comprehensive support services ranging from job training to dedicated accommodations management. Our team is fully committed to providing friendly and professional assistance, delivered in multiple languages to cater to all our associates’ needs. Ensuring a safe and conducive workplace environment for our workers remains at the forefront of our operations.

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Just Good Work is an innovative mobile app that aims to address and prevent labor exploitation by providing critical information and advice for job seekers and workers from the UK and beyond. In partnership with the Association of Labour Providers, they launched a free app in September 2020 that covers various topics such as recruitment, employment, life outside work, changing jobs, and relocating. The app also addresses practical aspects like weather, culture, and housing to facilitate workers’ successful transition into their new job in the UK.

Seasonal Worker Visas

For particular seasonal positions in the horticulture and agriculture industries, a small number of temporary migrants may be hired using the Seasonal Worker visa route.

Only seasonal positions may be filled with seasonal employees. Seasonal labour is described as “occupation which changes or is regulated according to the season or time of the year” for purposes of this visa route.

Please get in touch with the migration service of your particular country as indicated below to apply for a seasonal worker visa.

We do not currently recruit in your country if you are not a citizen of one of the nations listed.

In order to be a seasonal worker you will need a certificate of sponsorship from us. We will issue this after a full screening and interview process where we need to establish your suitability for the scheme.

When you have your certificate, you can then get in touch with the migration service for your country.


We offer economical, safe transportation from a variety of international locations to the UK. Many of our locations offer transportation from the lodging to the job site. Free seats on minibuses, coaches, and other forms of transportation are examples of this.


Currently, we have space for about 7,500 associates, and this number is rising yearly.

Our farming customers offer various accommodation solutions for workers including static caravans, bunkabin, hostels.

All locations offer full washroom, cooking, restroom, sleeping, laundry. Many clients offer social spaces including sports and recreation facilities.

We promise the following as part of our accommodation policy:

  • Full compliance with UK H&S standards
  • Strict internal risk assessment programme
  • External, independent audits
  • Weekly maintenance checks
  • On-site welfare support
  • Dedicated accommodation management teams

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