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Seasonal Workers Visa Scheme


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Recruitment Services

We can source seasonal workers for roles throughout the UK by utilising the TELPASC network in addition to our committed international recruitment teams. We work closely with our customers to ensure the right people are placed in the correct roles.

For our recruitment programmes to be successful, associate participation is essential. All of our employees are continually supported and developed throughout their time in the UK.

We support housing and accommodation requirements of our associates.

We can support clients with pre-induction training:

  • Training for health and safety
  • Continuous on-the-job training
  • Coaches / mentors
  • Payroll support (if required)
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Scheme Worker's Welfare

Prior to receiving a staffing allocation, all growers and producers who desire to use scheme personnel must be able to show that their workplace is secure and that all rules are followed. This is confirmed through an audit that looks at:

• Hours worked and pay, including compliance with National Minimum Wage Laws;

• The rules governing working hours and holiday pay.

• Health and safety, which includes maintaining a safe working environment, any accommodations, and transportation facilities.

• Exploitation hazards, such as making sure the employee has access to papers, freedom of movement, and complaint-filing procedures.

An independent auditor conducts the audit, which examines all facets of UK employment law, H&S laws, GLAA licensure standards, FPC instructions on caravan accommodations, and the ETI Base.

Client Responsibilities

To ensure that all employees can support themselves, you must make sure they only work in their designated fields and are given regular work. You must make the following commitments:

  • Start and finish dates for the assignment
  • A minimum of 32 hours of labour each week for each employee
  • £10.42 per hour is the minimum acceptable pay rate for a seasonal worker
  • Accommodation charges must comply with National Minimum Wage limits or the accommodation offset as per HMRC rules.

You must also make sure you give us regular management data, such as roles, crops, hours worked, pay rates, productivity, and absenteeism, in accordance with Home Office reporting rules.

Seasonal Worker Scheme

The Temporary Seasonal Worker category of the immigration system will be used to manage the programme.

The Scheme at a glance

The scheme provides:

• 45,000 VISAs

• 6-month placements

• Only seasonal work


Currently, we have space for about 7,500 associates, and this number is rising yearly.

Our farming customers offer various accommodation solutions for workers including static caravans, Bunkabin, hostels.

All locations offer full washroom, cooking, restroom, sleeping, laundry. Many clients offer social spaces including sports and recreation facilities.

We promise the following as part of our accommodation policy:

  • complete adherence to UK H&S norms
  • program of strict internal risk assessment
  • impartial, external audits
  • once-weekly inspections
  • local welfare assistance
  • teams committed to managing accommodations
TELPASC will need the following:
  1. As much notice period as possible to source suitable people (Absolute minimum of 8 weeks and in busiest times 12 weeks)

  2. Clear information about your operations and how you look after the welfare of workers

  3. Positive stories from current staff that can be provided to candidates

  4. All working hours and other important information


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